Uzbekistan Cultural Events Tour with TICKTACK Mobile Stage

It’s important to find innovative ways to make cultural activities and performances accessible to everyone. Nowadays, mobile stage trucks have become popular and changing how we experience art and culture.

Noticing the positive advantages mobile stages bring to the table, the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan partnered with TICKTACK to design mobile stages for their cultural events held all over the country.

Uzbekistan Cultural Ministry Collaborates With TICKTACK For Hydraulic Mobile Stage

The Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan has partnered with TICKTACK to acquire two cutting-edge mobile stage trucks. These were required to hold an audience of 10,000 people. According to their requirements, We decided to go with Ticktack iconic model TL90 which has a size of 105.6 sqm (12×8.8m), fast hydraulic set up, has mature and stable technology, also equipped with the most advanced audio and visual equipment, as well as MAN tractor from Germany.

The large-sized stage setup, including all audio visual construction, can be completed only within 2-2.5 hours. Additionally, each vehicle is equipped with a dedicated generator to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.

The primary purpose of these trucks is to bring cultural services directly to remote and mountainous regions. This ensures that the entire audience can enjoy and experience the rich cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

The First Mobile Stage Trucks in Central Asia

The project start manufacturing in November 2022. After two months of production, testing, and training, and roadshow transportation , in April it arrived in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. Now, these two mobile stage trucks are keep bringing Uzbekistan’s unique and traditional cultural performances to people in various places and communities across the country. This is the first mobile stage trucks in Central Asia. In the future, these two vehicles will continue to bring more cultural treasures and more music to Uzbekistan people.

The Ministry Of Culture Appreciated TICKTACK's High-Quality Mobile Stages

The Ministry of Culture highlighted the exceptional quality of ticktack mobile stages, including the advanced sound, lighting systems, and the ability to serve large audiences, are set to revolutionize cultural events in Uzbekistan. 

Through this partnership, these mobile stages bring unique and valuable cultural performances to various regions and communities across Uzbekistan. They serve as a vital tool in the Ministry of Culture’s endeavor to make high-quality cultural events accessible to all citizens, regardless of their geographical location.

Uzbek Unique Cultural Activities and Performances

Cultural activities and performances hold immense importance for several reasons. By means of concerts, operas, costumes, displays, exhibitions, food festivals and a myriad of other diverse cultural activities, people are able to effectively communicate and interact.

These activities serve as a platform for transmitting and preserving the remarkable cultures and customs of various ethnic groups and communities within a country. Additionally, they play a crucial role in promoting national integration, fostering mutual exchange, and cultivating an environment of understanding and tolerance. Ultimately, these cultural endeavors bring happiness to people’s lives.

Uzbek culture and tourism ministry is also holding such culture events in other countries, these festivals featured a variety of events showcasing the unique traditions and culinary delights of Uzbekistan. This allows people from the world to be able to celebrate diverse cultural heritage of Uzbekistan.

Why The Ministry Decided To Go With Mobile Stages?

The Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan recently invested in mobile stages for their cultural events. This move has been driven by several key factors that have made mobile stages the preferred choice for the Ministry. Now, let’s explore the reasons behind this decision:

1. Accessibility

The mobile stages are specifically designed to travel to the country’s most remote areas, including mountainous regions. This means that cultural events can now reach residents who previously had limited access to such events.

The Ministry is promoting broad participation by bringing cultural experiences closer to home. This ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate in the country’s culture.

2. Efficiency

One of the major advantages of mobile stages is their quick setup time. These stages can be assembled in just 2-2.5 hours, allowing for events to be organized with relatively short notice. This flexibility is a game-changer for the Ministry as it eliminates the need for long planning periods. It also enables them to respond swiftly to cultural demands.

Additionally, the use of mobile stages eliminates the logistical challenges associated with transporting large amounts of equipment. In the past, multiple trucks were required, causing technical issues and delays. With mobile stages, these problems are a thing of the past.

3. Capacity

The sound equipment on the mobile stages is capable of reaching an audience of up to 10,000 people. The Ministry encourages cross-cultural interaction and gives local talent a platform to display their abilities by bringing these events to smaller towns. This level of capacity also ensures that no one is left out of the cultural experience, regardless of their location.

4. Quality

The mobile stages deployed by the Ministry are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This includes high-quality sound and lights and live broadcast facilities. By investing in top-notch equipment, the Ministry is committed to delivering exceptional and memorable cultural services to the people.

5. Uniqueness

Uzbekistan stands out in Central Asia regarding cultural outreach and engagement. With its decision to adopt mobile stages ,Uzbekistan is demonstrating its commitment to cultural development and willingness to go the extra mile to offer enriching experiences to its citizens with this innovative approach.

Mobile Stage / Cultural Caravan - The Innovative and high efficient solution for cultural activities and cultural ministries

Mobile stage trucks have brought in a new era of cultural experiences. These vehicles have redefined the organization and presentation of cultural activities and performances. With the many advantages we mentioned above, these are the perfect solutions for creating memorable cultural experiences on the go.

When you choose TICKTACK’s Mobile Stage Vehicle/Cultural Caravan, you can trust our customizable solutions, extended warranty, comprehensive support, and worldwide delivery. So, why wait? Contact us today and transform your cultural experiences with our mobile stages.