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TL Fleet

Stage Size: 12m x 8.8m ( 40′ x 29′ )

Stage Size: 11m x 8.8m ( 36′ x 29′ )

Stage Size: 7.2m x 8.5m ( 24′ x 28′ )

Stage Size:  7.8m x 6.5m (26′ x 21′ )

Stage Size: 8m x 6.8m ( 26′ x 22′ )

Stage Size: 8m x 7m ( 26′ x 23′ )

Meet TL- Stage Truck & Stage Trailer

TL mobile stage truck and stage trailer fleet is featured with vast hydraulic extend stage for backline and performance, and the hydraulic lifting roof. The roof is also designed with professional lighting , line array hanging truss and power outlets.  

TL includes both stage truck and stage trailer, and come in full size to cover different scale events.  With its smart hydraulic system, only  1 to 2 manpower can easily set up the mobile stage under 1 hour. Don’t need any machine and no need to work up high. 

TL Series mobile stage truck and mobile stage trailer is built for faster and safer staing for Concerts, Festivals, Music Tour, Church Outreach, Crusade, Live Events Production etc.

Hydraulic Stage Extend
& Roof Lift

Our mobile stage is designed with smart and easy to operate hydraulic system. You can easily and quickly extend the main stage and lift up the roof by hydraulic remote control. 

Steady and reliable hydraulic system that has been improved and tested for over 20 years on our stage truck and stage trailer.  Ticktack mobile stage bring not only high efficiency for events staging, but also great confidence for event agencies and producers. 

ticktack hydraulic extend stage trailer
ticktack mobile stage truck with lighting and sound

Easy Audio and Visual
Set up

Lighting Truss and power outlets

Our stage truck and stage trailer roof is preset with lighting hanging truss, and power outlets. So you can easily hang and plug your lightings.

Line Array Brackets

For all our mobile stage truck and stage trailer, line array hanging brackets or truss is optional. The rigging capacity vary from 400kg ~1000kg.

Movable Screen backdrop

Led screen backdrop with mobile base that has wheels is optional, so you can easily move the big screen anywhere you want on the truck and trailer stage.

Faster, Safer, Easier Staging

TL hydraulic stage truck and stage trailer is born for faster, safer and easier staging of live event productions.  

Compared with tradtional manual staging and rigging, TL hydrauic mobile stage only need one to two man, 1 hour to finish all set up. save plenty of time, labor and money. 

Especially for busy event season, and tight schedule events, it is the most efficient and cost effective option. 

Ticktack Mobile Stage In Action

Our Mobile Stage TL series is built for fast staging for concerts, music tours, festivals, celebrations, entertainment, church outreach, crusade and Evangelism, live event production. Simply drive your stage truck and trailer to anywhere you want and it transform into the unique stage platform in minimum time ever compared with conventional manual set up stage. 

The Mobile Stage You Can Trust

TICKTACK build mobile stage by the highest standards, scientific structure design, and reliable hydraulic system which has been used and tested over 20 years . Safety has been the first guiding principle for everything we do. We protect your business by guranteeing safety of your crew during every step operation and safety of the performers and audiences.


Everything is Ready for Your Event

Besides mobile stage truck and stage trailer, we also provide all in one integrated solution including audio visual equipment and power system.  HD Led screen backdrop, quality lighting, powerful line array system, steady and ultra silent generator are optional. Everything is installed and tested on our stage truck and stage trailer in factory before delivery. So you can easily use and install all equipment immediately when you receive our mobile stage. 

led screen backdrop for stage truck
HD Led Display
mobile stage sound system
Line Array Sound System
stage trailer lighting
Professional Stage Lighting
Truck Horse
Truck Horse
stage truck generator
Ultra Silent Generator

Which Mobile Stage is Right for you?

ticktack mobile stage with sound and lightmobile hdyraulic stage truck stage trailer ticktack stage trailer for sale
Model No. TL100TL90TL60TL50 Hydraulic TL50 Manual
Chassis 13m stage semi-trailer12m stage semi-trailer10m stage truck8m stage trailer 8m stage trailer
Overall Dimension
13m x 2.5m x 3.98m
12m x 2.55m x 3.98m
10m x 2.5m x 3.9m
8.5m × 2.25m ×3.43m
8m × 2.5m × 3.35m
Stage Size12mx8.8m11mx8.8m7.2mx8.5m8mx6.7m 8mx7m
Stage to Roof Height 6m4.7m 4.5m 4.6m 4.3m
Stage to Ground Height 1.6m1.6m1.5m1.2m1m
Roof Rigging Capacity 3,700kg3,700kg3,500kg1,900kg 1,900kg
Stage Loading Capacity 483kg/㎡483kg/㎡483kg/㎡450kg/㎡450kg/㎡
Line Array Brackets Optional
Lighting Truss
Lighting Power outlets Optional
Wind Rating With
/Without Stage Curtain
Set Up Two Person x 1 hour Two Person x 1 hour One person x 30mins One person x 30mins Two person x 30mins
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TL50 Hydraulic
Learn more about
TL50 Manual

Why Choose TICKTACK ?

20+ Years Dedication

Over 20 years of stage truck and stage trailer designing and manufacturing experience. we keep learning and improving on each model. Thanks to all our global owners and users, they've feedback with so many precious and good advices.

2 Years Warranty

We provide 2 years Warranty for both mobile stage truck and trailer, and deliver more than sufficient spare parts to allow you do replacement immediately when you need to, rather than wait for weeks for accessory arrival.

24/7 Technical Support

Life long services and 24/7 Phone, on line technical support for all global clients. You can reply on our expert technician for hydraulics, led screens, electrical etc all parts trouble shooting and maintenance.

Tell us your usage, event scale, or budget,we’ll help you 

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