SL Fleet

13m long semi-trailer based, stage size 9mx3.5m, led screen 5.184m x 2.304m

13m long semi-trailer based, stage size 9mx3.5m, led screen 5.184m x 2.304m, with expandable room

13m long semi-trailer based Double Deck, stage size 9mx3.5m, led screen 5.184m x 2.304m, with expandable room

12m long truck based, stage size 8.8m x 3.5m,  Screen Size 5.184m x2.304m

8.7m long truck based, stage size 6m x 3m,  led screen 5.376mx2.496m

6m long truck based, stage size 5.95m x 2.55m,  3.84mx1.92m led screen

6m long truck based, 3.75m x2.5m stage , 3.84mx1.728m led screen

4.7m small truck based, 4.2m x 1.69m stage,  2.24mx1.44m led screen

Meet SL - Mobile Roadshow Truck

TICKTACK SL mobile roadshow truck fleet is designed with liftable big led video screens, hydraulic automatic foldable stage for performances, as well as vast interior space can be used for product display, training, experiential center, meeting room, VIP rest room etc.

SL roadshow truck also designed with built in audio system and on board silent generator to power the whole system. It can drive while displaying videos, but can also park and open stage for performances and entertainment. 

SL series is the perfect roadshow solution for brand activations, experiential marketing, product launches, mobile exibition, mobile advertising, elections, political rallies etc


Automatic Lifting LED Screen

SL Series mobile roadshow truck is designed with big high definition outdoor led video screen. The led screen is of  high brightness to view clearly under the sun, and 3840HZ high fresh rate to make sure not only looks stunning with eyes, but also looks perfect with cameras.

All SL roadshow trucks led screen is with lifting system. The screen can lift up 1.5m ~ 2m by hydraulic remote control to get the maximum visuality and create real impact for your events. 

ticktack roadshow truck


Hydraulic Folding Stage

SL Series mobile roadshow truck is with hydraulic folding  stage, which can extend very easily and quickly by one person. 

It  provides big stage for performance, shows, product display, speeches etc. But you can also fold the stage easily and use for mobile video advertising and campaigns. 


Vast Internal Space for Customization

SL roadshow truck gets vast interior space available for customization. It can be decorated into a product show room, training center, experiential center, interactive center, clinic, rest room, office etc. 

The interior space can customize according to your unique usage and request. 

All-In-One Roadshow Truck

Live Stream

SL roadshow trucks all with integrated control cabinet which include full functional multimedia control system:  amplifier, industrial pc, industrial monitor, HD video processor support SDI input to do live stream directly.  

stage truck generator


SL roadshow truck and trailer also integrate high quality and wateproof speakers for multi-purpose audio broadcast.  

ticktack stage semi-trailer sl50 control room

On Board Generator

On board ultra silent generator to power the entire roadshow vehicle and equipment, without bearing noise and smoke. 


The Dream of Offline Campaigns

Our SL roadshow truck know better you! It allows you to organize your offline events and campaigns in a innovative, efficient , and influential way.  

It simply got everything you need for an event: big screen backdrop, fast foldable stage, powerful audio, live stream equipment, vast interior space, most importantly it can flexibly drive anywhere you want.  SL roadshow truck fleet is absolutely the dream and saviour of outdoor campaigns and roadshows planners. 

The Most Versatile Roadshow Truck

SL Series unique features and highly integrated all in one solution makes it the most versatile roadshow truck and event trailer.  It is widely used for brand activation, marketing promotion, mobile exhibition, product launch, training, brand experiential tours, sport events,  entertainment, elections, mobile clinic, health and disease edutainment, mobile advertising and campaigns etc. 

Which Roadshow Truck is Right for You ?

ticktack roadshow semi-trailer sl50roadshow truckled billboard truck sl15 with stagemobile billboard advertising
Model No. SL50ERSL50SL18SL15SL9
Chassis 13m roadshow semi-trailer13m roadshow semi-trailer8.7m roadshow truck6m roadshow truck6m roadshow truck
Overall Dimension
13m x 2.55m x 4m
13m x 2.55m x 4m
8.7m x 2.55m x 3.9m
6m × 2.2m ×3.3m
6m × 2.1m × 3.3m
LED Screen Size5.376mx2.304m5.376mx2.304m5.44mx2.56m 3.84mx1.92m3.52mx1.92m
Hydraulic Screen
Lifting Height
2m 2m2m 1.5m1.5m
Stage Size9m x 3.5m, can extend to 12.4mx3.5m 9m x 3.5m, can extend to 12.4mx3.5m 6m x 3m5.95m x 2.55m3.75m x 2.51m
Stage Loading Capacity 400kg/㎡400kg/㎡400kg/㎡400kg/㎡400kg/㎡
Stage Extend HydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Speakers and AmplifierOptional
Industrial PC and Industrial Monitor Control system
HD Video Processor
for live stream
Set Up One Person x 30mins One Person x 30mins One person x 15mins One person x 15mins One person x 15mins
Learn more about productLearn more about SL50ERLearn more about SL50Learn more about SL18Learn more about SL15Learn more about SL9

Recommendations for Different Application

Marketing Agency

If you are a marketing agency,  we would recommend roadshow truck SL50, SL18, and SL15. The big, medium, small model among roadshow series to meet different event scale and demand. 

Event Management

For event organizers, we would strongly recommend SL50, SL18, SL9. It is ideal to own a fleet of different size for different scale of events, but you can always begin by targeting your main clients’ event type.

Brands and Enterprise

For brands and enterprise which plans to do brand activation events and tours, SL50ER, SL50 is highly recommended since it got large internal space for customization into mobile show room or experential centers etc. 

Political Party

If you want to use for political rally, election campaigns, SL50, SL18 is highly recommended. These two models are of large led screen and large stage and  space for doing powerful and large crowds campaigns and speeches. 

Non-profit Organization

For non profit organization like health and disease education and entertainment, SL18, SL15 is ideal.  The two models are of medium size, and flexible to drive anywhere to do propogranda, even the rural areas.

Advertising Company

For advertising company that also run clients promotion events, SL18, SL9 is perfect, for they both have easy set up stage for shows, but also the entire size is more flexible to run events and adevertising in even very narrow streets. 

Why Choose Ticktack ?

20+ Years Dedication

Over 20 years of roadshow truck and event trailer designing and manufacturing experience. we keep learning and improving on each model. Thanks to all our global owners and users, they've feedback with so many precious and good advices.

2 Years Warranty

We provide 2 years Warranty for all road show trucks. and deliver more than sufficient spare parts , to allow you do replacement immediately when you need to, rather than wait for weeks for accessory arrival.

24/7 Technical Support

Life long services and 24/7 Phone, on line technical support for all global clients. You can reply on our expert technician for led screen, hydraulics, electrical etc all parts trouble shooting.

Tell us your usage, event scale, budget,we’ll help you 

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