The New Ultramodern Gospel Truck for Church Crusade, Outreach, Evangelism

How does the new ultramodern Gospel Truck work ?

Gospel truck, also known as crusade truck, is used for church crusades, outreach, and evangelism. The new ultramodern Gospel Trucks designed and manufactured by Ticktack Technology is nothing same as the traditional crusade trucks. It is brand new, innovative, and integrated high technology with event equipment and mobile vehicles. Let’s watch the video to see how the new gospel truck works.  

Two Men One Hour Set Up

TICKTACK latest design of gospel trucks takes smart hydraulic extend mobile stage system and are fully equipped with HD LED screen backdrop, lighting, powerful and quality sound system.  You will need 2 men, 1 hour to finish the entire setup and get ready to preach the gospel. This makes the open-air outreach much more easier and greatly reduces the labor and money it takes for every campaign. 

4 Reasons to get new ultramodern Gospel Trucks

1. High Efficiency

Traditional manual set up or the old gospel truck is labor intensive, takes longer time to set up. TICKTACK new modern gospels trucks with smart automatic stage, are super easy and fast to set up. It allows you can hold one outreach campaign in one place today, and tomorrow you would be able to move to next city for another campaign.  So the Evangelists are able to go to more villages, places, streets, take the gospel to more and more people no matter where they are.

2. Bigger Stage Size

Compared with the old gospels trucks been used, TICKTACK new gospel truck has much bigger stage size for both evangelists, music, performances, and backlines facilities. It can hold not only village small outreach, but can also use for big main event.

3. All-in-one Solution

Ticktack gospel trucks are fully equipped with led video walls, stage lighting, powerful and quality line array sound system, microphones etc. Itself can not only transport these audio visual equipment, but also it can transform into a huge professional stage. You got everything you need for an open-air outreach with just one gospel truck.

4. Investment of one truck can be used for 20 years and more

Though the new ultramodern gospel truck is no small invest, but with regular maintenance it can be used for 20 years and more. It worth in long term view and it enable the ministry and evangelists keep preaching, teaching, growing everywhere and allow more and more people come to Jesus.

preach the gospel church

TICKTACK Gospel Stage Trucks in full size

Ticktack gospel mobile stage trucks come in full size, from smaller size of 50sqm stage truck to 160sqm big stage truck. With our team’s help, you can always pick the ideal gospel truck that fit both the mission work and your budget. Besides, we can also do customization if you have special unique request.

How to Import a Gospel Truck from China?

Step 1. Choose the right size. We give free consultation for any mission request of gospel trucks, we can work together to decide on the perfect size that is ideal for fulfill the mission and can meet your budget as well. We understand you will have a lot questions and concerns. We warmly welcome you to come visit our factory and check the stage in person, and we can have face to face meetings.

Step 2. Sign contract and arrange deposit payment . Once we agreed on the model, audio visual equipment configuration, price everything, we’ll sign the contract and give you Proforma Invoice for deposit payment. With deposit, we shall start manufacturing.

Step 3. Inspection and training. when the production finished, we encourage you or you can send your technician come to our factory for inspection and meanwhile take technical training for operation and maintenance.  The inspection and training in our factory is available any time and is for free.

Step 4. Balance payment and shipment. After that and you are satisfied with your truck, you arrange balance payment and we shall arrange delivery and shipment to your country. We usually help the client buy insurance during all shipment on sea, so everything is secured and insured.

Is the gospel truck hard to operate ?

Ticktack new gospel trucks are super easy to operate, we provide detailed operation videos, clear user manual instructions with delivery. Besides we also provide free in factory training and you can choose to come any time either before shipment of the truck or after you get the truck. We also provide 24hx7 on line technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the gospel truck come with sound, light, led screen ?

For each model, audio visual equipment are optional, like led screen, lighting, sound system, generator, you can choose accordingly. You can have the total solution including everything, or you may just get the mobile stage trucks and use your own equipment on the stage.

2. Can i change light, sound, screen ?

Yes. You can choose or adjust the audio visual equipment according to your event scale, budget. This gives flexibility and allow more ministry get the perfect gospel truck in the end.

3. How long it takes for production and shipment?

All TICKTACK gospel trailer and truck are newly built with orders. The production usually takes 40-60days, shipment to different country vary from 18days to 40days.

4. Warranty

Ticktack provide two years warranty for full parts. After the warranty years, you will only need to pay accessory cost. Technical support on line are life long and for free.

5. Can i come to visit the factory and check my gospel truck in person ?

Yes we warmly welcome all customer interested come to visit our factory and check the stage gospel trucks for church crusade and outreach in person. We are glad to send our company invitation letter for you to apply China Visa. We’ll arrange pickup you at the airport and help book hotel near our factory. Pls feel free to come to meet us. TICKTACK team looking forward to your visit !

Interested to get the gospel truck for the great mission ? TICKTACK team are here to help you.