3.8m X 2.5m Mobile Stage Screen Lifting Truck

truck mounted led screen and stage

make outdoor events easier

Features & Benefits

Light Flexible truck chassis, 9㎡automatic folding stage, Clear LED billboard, SL9 is in wide application for medium and small events,as well as mobile advertising. Low operation cost and high rental frequency.

mobile led sign truck

Flexible Truck Chassis

6m long light flexible truck chassis, with extraordinary driving performance. Various brands available for customer to choose, ISUZU, FOTON, JAC etc.

sl50 roadshow truck anti skid stage floor

Vast Automatic Stage

3.75m x 2.51m collapsible stage, powered by the best quality hydraulic system, accurate, stable and easy to operate by our smart remote control. 350KG/㎡high loading capacity, and with strong adjustable support legs to level the stage quickly.

led screen billboard

HD Big LED Screen

3.84m x 1.728m P6 high definition big led screen. Waterproof, high brightness over 6500nits can be clearly viewed under the midday sun. Teamed with hydraulic lifting system, the screen can be raised 1.5m high from the stage floor.

ticktack stage truck generator

On Board Silent Generator

10KW ultra silent generator on board to power the van. Stable, fuel efficient and with power surplus for additional equipment.

ticktack led screen truck sl9 control cabinet

Integrated Multimedia System

SL9 ’s integrated control system for LED , audio and light system brings these features together in one room, which makes the operation easy to handle and a real enjoyment for the technicians.

ticktack mobile led screen truck

Easy and Fast Set up

SL9 can be fully set up within 15mins. Extremely low running cost 

Main Spe

Truck Dimension 

6m L × 2.1m W × 3.3m H

Truck Brand 


Curb Weight

4.5 ton

Stage Size

3.75m x 2.51m

Stage Loading Capacity


Screen Size

3.84m x1.728m

Pixel Pitch

P6, P5, P4mm outdoor

Screen Lifting 

1.5m, hydraulic lifting 

Internal Space for custom

2.5m L x 2.5m W x 2.4m H


10KW Ultra Silent, Diesel 

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