TL50 Hydraulic PVC

8mx6.7m Hydraulic Stage Trailer

TL50-Hydraulic PVC is a 8m long hydraulic mobile stage trailer,  can be towed by Pickup or SUV. The roof is made by steel framework and PVC tarpaulin. It is designed with hydraulic extend stage and hydraulic lifting roof, two man can easily set it up in 30mins. TL50 stage trailer is a must have for medium and smaller size outdoor events stage set up. 


TL50-Hydraulic PVC Main Specs


Dimensions: 8m L × 2.3m W × 3.43m H | Weight: 3.5 ton | Towing: With Pickup or SUV


Stage Size: 8m x 6.7m (26’x22′) | Upstage: 4.5m, downstage: 1m | Floor: 12mm anti-skid professional stage board.


Roof Rigging : 1500KG |
  Line Array Brackets: 500KG~700KG Per side |
Stage Loading Capacity: 450KG/㎡


Manpower : 2 People | Time: 30 mins |
Wind Rating: 30m/s

Easy & Fast Hydraulic Set Up

With Ticktack hydraulic mobile stage technology , event staging can be easier, faster and even safer. The two wings flipping up, stage extending, roof lifting all driven by our intelligent hydraulic system. Everything is preassemblied, and you don’t need any machinery during the set up. 

The roof is deisgned with lighting hanging truss and power outlets, plus two side line array brackets, which makes the audio visual set up super convenient. 

With our hydraulic stage trailer,  it can  save you time, labor, and cost for setting up an event stage.  Are you ready to bring that efficiency to your events too? Talk to us  today to get further details. 

TL50 Hydraulic PVC Stage Trailer Highlights

Thanks to all precious feedback from our global customers.  We keep improving on every stage we build.  Brand new TL50 hydraulic PVC mobile stage trailer is featured with reinforced stage structure,  slope roof and refined details. 

stage trailer tow by SUV

Customized Trailer chassis

Customized two axle trailer chassis, use AL-KO axle, 16 inch aluminum wheel hub tires, Electric brake and Manual brake. Trailer for Australia and Europe come with weight under 3500kg, For USA less than 4500kg.

Trailer stage support legs

Firm and Steady Staging Legs

4 Hydraulic legs, 3 pair manual legs in front, middle, and rear of the trailer chassis. Each stage board with 11 support braced stage legs, which forms a large and stable stage foundation.

Slope roof of hydraulic stage trailer

Slope Roof Design

unique slope roof design for fast drainage of rain water, allow you to use the stage trailer in all weather conditions.

mobile stage trailer with banners

Easy lighting and sound Set Up

Roof is designed with lighting truss and power outlets, optional two sides line array truss. so you can easily set up audio visual equipment on the trailer stage. Banner frame is optional.

Build the Safest Mobile Stage Trailer You Can Trust

TICKTACK focus on designing and manufacturing mobile stage vehicles over 25 years. Safety has been the first guiding principle for everything we do. The stage trailers are built by the highest standards, scientific structure design,and reliable hydraulic system. We protect your business by guaranteeing safety of your crew during every step operation and safety of the performers and audiences. 

joystick hydraulic system for stage trailer

Mature and Stable Hydraulic System

We work with STEADY hydraulic system which has been used and tested over 20 years. Time proved reliable hydraulic system you can trust.

mobile trailer stage hydraulic leg

Two-way Hydraulic Locks

There are safety pins for each lifting column to double gurantee safety of the event and performance.

safety pins for hydraulic stage trailer

Safety Pins

There are safety pins for each lifting column to double gurantee safety of the event and performance.

Portable stage trailer for sale

High Wind Resistance

Strong and solid stage support legging system and structure design, the roof is support with four additional corner truss. The stage trailer is designed with a high wind rating of 120km/h (without stage curtain), 100km/h ( with stage curtain )

Reasons to choose TL50 Hydraulic PVC Stage Trailer

Trailers Can Register in local

TL50 hydraulic PVC trailer is built to conform to ADR,DOT and European standards. Allow you to register the trailer in local with no barrier.

2 Years Warranty

Ticktack provide 2 years full parts warranty for the entire trailer stage. We provide sufficient spare parts for free and our egineer will help you fix any issue that may occur during life long usage.

Reliable Structure Engineering

Designed to meet the highest standards and incorporated the most advanced mechnical engineering, to fully ensure safety of the mobile stage itself and personnel

TL50-Hydraulic Stage Trailer In Action

Which Stage Trailer is Right for you ?

stage trailer for sale stage trailer ticktack stage trailer for sale
Model No. TL50-Hydraulic Aluminum TL50-Hydraulic PVCTL50 Manual
Trailer BodySteel framework plus aluminum alloy plateSteel framework plus black PVC tarpaulinSteel framework plus black PVC tarpaulin
Chassis 8m stage trailer8.5m stage trailer 8m stage trailer
Overall Dimension
8m × 2.4m ×3.75m
8.5m × 2.25m ×3.43m
8m × 2.5m × 3.35m
Stage Size7.8m x 6.5m (26' x 21' )8m x 6.7m ( 26' x 22' )8m x 7m (26' x 23' )
Stage to Roof Height 4.6m4.4m 4.3m
Stage to Ground Height 1.16m1m1m
Roof Rigging Capacity 2600kg1,900kg 1,900kg
Stage Loading Capacity 450kg/㎡450kg/㎡450kg/㎡
Line Array Brackets Optional OptionalOptional
Lighting Truss
Lighting Power outlets Optional
Wind Rating With
/Without Stage Curtain
Set Up One person x 30mins One person x 30mins Two person x 30mins
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TL50 Hydraulic Aluminum
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TL50 Hydraulic PVC
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TL50 Manual

Want to learn more details and cost ?

Stage Size: 11m x 8.8m ( 36′ x 29′ )

Stage Size: 7.2m x 8.5m ( 24′ x 28′ )

Stage Size: 8m x 7m ( 26′ x 23′ )