How mobile led billboard truck with portable stage can help with your roadshow campaigns?

With more and more brand offline campaigns demanding, ticktack technology began to redesign and improve the traditional led billboard truck years ago. That’s how ticktack mobile stage SL series are born- the new innovative mobile led billboard truck with portable stages and large interior space for customization. 

Ticktack new innovative mobile led billboard truck main features

  1. Based on flexible drive truck chassis, can cover all road conditions. 
  2. Big Size High resolution outdoor big led billboard, with hydraulic lifting system. 
  3. Innovative Hydraulic fast extend stage for shows, performances, awards, entertainment. 
  4. Capacious Space that can be customize as different brand campaigns theme, for example, product display room, interactive experience center, mobile office, mobile medical center etc.
  5. Fully equipped with audio system, multimedia control system, on board silent generator as power system.
  6. Support high end customization.

Innovations SL Series bring to the following four industries:

  • Brands and enterprises
  • Event management and marketing companies
  • Advertising companies
  • Elections, government activities.

For Brands and enterprises ---- All in one, high efficient, Green Brand activation Solution

Now with the explosion of on line media and marketing, people are getting fatigue, therefore more and more brands choose to hold various offline events and activation campaigns, which can generate unforgettable memories and personal brand connections, that none on line could achieve.

The brands campaigns are usually involved nationwide cities or even different countries. Traditional on site construction which is time consuming, labor intensive and can not be or very difficult to recycle. 

The mobile led billboard truck with portable stage can quickly and easily set up and shut down in 15-30mins . save plenty of time, labor, and cost than on site construction. Most importantly, it is Eco-friendly, it can drive any different event locations, and can use for all same theme events. For different theme and campaigns, just need to change external branding works and interior decoration.

mobile led billboard truck for brand activation
Product Launch
mobile exhibition trailer with double floor
Mobile Exhibition
roadshow truck with stage and led display
Experiential Activities

Event Management and Marketing Companies - Roadshow Marketing Expert

With the innovative features of hydraulic stage and large interior space, the new mobile digital billboard truck is empowering the event management and marketing companies to stand out among the competitors.

  • Capabilities to provide the powerful and innovative solutions for your brand customers.
  • Flexibility to provide different offline activities for multiple brands, just need to replace vehicle branding works and interior decorations.
  • Different from other competitors in the industry, innovative, efficient, and green solution that can help the company dominate in this niche.  

Advertising Companies - the new multifunctional mobile digital advertising media network

  • Mobile digital advertising, customized routes, locations, more flexible and efficient
  • Meanwhile provide events facilities and management for brand activation customers.
  • Outdoor drive in movie, sports events live stream etc can meet all sorts of led screen and stage rental request.
  • Innovative outdoor advertising solution, that for long business view, you can create a powerful outdoor media network consists by a strong fleet of digital mobile billboard trucks, Which can be of big influential.

Elections, government activities - The powerful All In One Campaign Truck

  • The mobile led billboard truck with stage includes audio visual equipment, hydraulic stage, on board power system all together in one truck, provide the perfect all in one solution for election campaigns and government activities
  • Multifunctional Usage : Speeches, VIP Rest Room, performances.
  • Flexibility to provide all type of different campaigns, can use for commercial usage and activation after the elections.

How to choose mobile led billboard truck with stage that fits your campaign ?

A. Choose according to your enterprise events scale, type and budget. If you were big enterprise that need big internal display space for exhibition for your events, SL50D, SL50ER, SL50 are the ideal models we recommend.

B. Choose according to the main customers demand, for example: if you are mainly servicing first class big brands and big customers, we recommend you choose big models , which can better fits their event request, otherwise it may not be able to meet their demand.

C. Advertising companies, mainly use for advertising campaigns, few events rental request, no need large display space, then choose medium and smaller model SL18, SL15, SL9, SL7 whose size is more flexible to drive around and fits for advertising campaigns.

D. Elections we recommend to choose bigger models which is more powerful, also suggest add bigger and powerful sound system to meet the speech and performance request for large crowds.  Recommend models : SL50, SL30, SL18.