Mobile Hydraulic Stage Vs Traditional Manual Stage: How to Choose?

Before mobile hydraulic stage is born, the traditional manual stage has been the only way how people do events staging . The mobile hydraulic stage coming out bring a great innovation for modern events staging, and now welcomed by more and more events planners. But how to choose from Mobile Stage and Traditional Stage ?


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Understand how mobile hydraulic staging and traditional staging works

To decide which way to use for your events, first we need to understand how the two staging solution works. 

The traditional stage is constructed on site, so the equipment must transport to site by vehicles, then unload everything and construct the stage from the ground to roof by using machinery, both the construct and remove takes lots of labor and time.  

The mobile hydraulic stage can drive to any event site, the stage, roof, truss all are preassembled and can set up quickly through the hydraulic system,  only takes a few labor and time.

Know the different features of the two event staging solutions


Traditional Stage

Mobile Hydraulic Stage


Labor Intensive

Labor Saving


Time Consuming

Time Saver


Machinery Required

No need Machinery


Need crew work up high

No need work up high

Operation Cost

Higher cost

Lower cost

Make the choice according to the events demand on site, time, design, scale, budget etc.

Traditional Stage however had its advantage on more flexibility for design, and for the huge concerts the traditional stage is still the mainstream.  But for most big, medium, smaller events, mobile stage advantage is much more outstanding. Especially for urgent events and tight schedule events, the mobile hydraulic stage provide the most high efficient and perfect solution.

Review the events demand on site, time, design, scale, budget etc, and with the understanding of the two different staging method, you should already have the answer. 

For Event Production Business Owners

For Event Production Business Owners, the mobile hydraulic stage operation cost is much lower, but with higher efficiency , more safety and less risk. 

The mobile stage operation only takes a few crew, so it’s more easy to begin with, though the first purchase investment is higher than conventional stage. In the long business view, the investment could pay back soon, and bring continuous revenue. Besides,  Its high efficiency and flexibility will also help the company stay more competitive and succeed in this niche.