Ticktack Led screen Roadshow Truck SL18 for Zimbabwe Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ)

Technology is changing with each passing day, people’s lives are constantly changing, and the ways of disseminating knowledge are also diverse. How to use the latest methods to disseminate telecommunications knowledge knowledge and add cultural and entertainment content has become very important. Let’s take a look at how Zimbabwe Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) spreads knowledge and culture quickly and effectively. 

led screen roadshow truck for edutainment

Potraz Edutainment Roadshow with Ticktack SL18

Zimbabwe Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) start to using their newly purchased led screen roadshow truck for various of their offline education and entertainment events and campaigns. Being the first authority doing that in Zimbabwe. 

Potraz Choose to Use New Fast Set Up Digital Roadshow Truck

Zimbabwe Postal & Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ), previously used traditional stage construction methods to promote communication knowledge. The transportation of accessories required separate trucks, which required a lot of labor and required at least 5 hours to set up. 

In June 2022, POTRAZ hopes to find a better way to replace traditional way to complete their mission. After a lot of inquiries, they found several good roadshow vehicle solution suppliers through online bidding. After six months of tendering and comparison of different bidding factory, the decision was made to procure the SL18 roadshow truck from Ticktack. 

Potraz Team Come for Roadshow Truck Training

After paying the deposit in Decemeber of 2022, Ticktack completed production within 50 days. After the production was completed, POTRAZ sent their team to our factory for inspection and meanwhile take technical training for operation and maintenance. 

As several African friends who came to China for the first time, our sales engineer Jack took them to the nearby famous city of Xi’an for a tour, the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties. The team had a professional technical training in our factory and an amazing trip in China. 

SL18 Roadshow Truck Arrive Harare and Begin the Roadshows

After the POTRAZ training personnel returned to Zimbabwe ,  the roadshow truck arrived harare, Zimbabwe. Transfer from Durban Port, our company is fully responsible for the entire delivery process.

Compared with the traditional method, the new roadshow truck SL18 its high-definition LED screen can be raised through hydraulic remote control, and has a hydraulic folding stage. It no longer requiring complex construction. Professional audio makes the dissemination and interpretation of culture more convenient, bringing a lot of benefits to the people of Zimbabwe.  People love their new road show vehicle. 


Learn More About SL18 Roadshow Truck

SL18 has powerful truck chassis, extraordinary driving performance, loaded with 6m x 3m hydraulic extend stage, HD LED billboard, quality audio and media control system, self-sufficient power supply, Large storage space available, SL18 is ideal for both brand activation , promotion, marketing roadshow campaigns, as well as mobile advertising.