12m X 8.8m Mobile Hydraulic Stage

With over 105㎡ stage size, increased stage floor to ceiling height of 5.6m, TL100 hydraulic stage semi-trailer is a flagship among TL fleet. 

TL100 is 40ft long semi-trailer based hydraulic stage, use truck horse to tow.  It is featured with 12mx8.8m (40ftx29ft) huge professional anti-skid stage, and two addtional operation platform for backstage.  

Fast hydraulic drive stage extend and roof lifting design, TL100 hydraulic stage trailer only takes 2 men, 1 hour to set up. 

TL100 Main Specs


Dimensions: 12.19m L × 2.52m W × 3.985m H | Weight: 14.25ton | Towing: With Truck Horse


Stage Size: 12m x 8.8m (40’x29′) | Upstage: 5.6m, downstage: 1.6m | Floor: 12mm anti-skid professional stage board.


Roof Rigging : 3700KG |
  Line Array Brackets: 500KG
per side (up to 1000KG ) |
Stage Loading Capacity: 400KG/㎡


Manpower : 2 People | Time: 1 hour |
Wind Rating: 30m/s

Make Events Staging Faster, Safer and Easier!

With Ticktack hydraulic stage technology , event staging can be easier, faster and even safer. Its two wings flipping up, stage extending, roof lifting all driven by our intelligent hydraulic system. Everything is preassemblied,you don’t need any machinery during the whole set up. 

The roof is deisgned with light hanging truss and power outlets.  The front two side also have line array brackets, which makes the audio visual set up super convenient. 

With our hydraulic mobile stage,  you can save time, labor, and cost for setting up an event stage.  Are you ready to bring that efficiency to your events too? Talk to us today to get your own customized mobile stage. 

Everything designed to make the hydraulic stage even safer

Reliable Engineering Structure

TL100 is designed to meet the highest standards and incorporated the most advanced mechnical engineering, to fully ensure safety of the hyraulic stage itself and personnel

Strict Manufacturing Technique

The frame of the car body is high-quality rectangular pipe and steel plate pressed frame. Phosphate anti-rust treatment before skeleton production. The hydraulic stages are built to last 20 years and more.

High Wind Resistance

Designed with 2 manual outriggers at and 4 hydraulic outriggers at the front and rear. 4 aluminum truss is installed each cornor of the wing platform as a structural safety support. Stage curtain can be lowered rapidly . TL100 hydraulic stage is designed with a high wind rating of 30m/s.

TL100 Hydraulic Stage In Action

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