How to Correctly Use and Maintain Your LED Screen ?

As the application of LED display becomes more and more extensive, you may meet different problems during your usage of the screen. The influence of various factors leads to the shortening of its service life and the failure of its functions. Through this blog, you can find the most practical and useful tips from TICKTACK engineer to teach you how to correctly use and maintain your led screen, and make the service life of the LED display screen even longer. 

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Precautions for using LED Screens

  1. Working environment temperature range for led screen is -40℃-≤t≤60℃, 10%-90%RH humidity. Avoid using or storing in high temperature, high humidity, high acid/alkali/salt environment.    
  2. Keep away from combustibles, gas, dust, etc.
  3. Be careful when doing transportation for led display, try to avoid violent collisions. 
  4. It is strictly forbidden to make water, iron powder and other conductive metal materials into the screen. The LED display should be placed in an environment with low dust spots as much as possible. Large dust spots will affect the display effect, and too much dust will cause damage to the circuit. If water gets in for various reasons, please cut off the power immediately until all parts are completely dry.
  5. When the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation performance is poor, please try to avoid using the screen for a long time. When the working environment humidity exceeding the specified figure,make sure you won’t power on the screen at this time, otherwise it will cause component corrosion or even short circuit, resulting in permanent damage.
  6. Try not to turn off yourLED display for a long time. Especially In a high humidity environment, if the display is not used for more than 3 days, the screen needs to be preheated every time the screen is turned on: 30%-50% brightness first preheat 4-8 hours, and then adjust to normal brightness (80%-100%), so as to exclude moisture and ensure there is no abnormality in use. If the screen has not been used for more than 7 days, it needs to be preheated once every time it is lit: 30%-50% brightness should be preheated for more than 12 hours, and then adjusted to normal brightness (80%-100%) to light up the screen. 
  7. Avoid turning on the led screen in a completely white screen state, because it has the largest inrush current to the entire power distribution system at this point. The LED display screen should not play the white full-white screen with the highest brightness for more than half an hour, so as to avoid excessive current, power supply heating, damage to the LED lamp, and affect the service life of the display screen. It is recommended to play dynamic video mainly.
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Precautions for using LED Screens

8.  Maintain the stability of the power supply, do a good job of grounding protection, and prevent lightning strikes. Do not use the led display under harsh natural conditions, especially in strong lightning weather.

9.  Safe grounding, reliable isolation between the grounding wire and the neutral wire, and keep a certain distance between the grounding wire and the grounding wire of the high-power electrical equipment; if any abnormality such as leakage, burning wire, smoke, et, it should not be turned on and tested repeatedly, please try to find the problem and sort it out timely.

10.  According to the environmental conditions of the display screen and control part, avoid rat bites, and place anti-rat drugs if necessary.

11.  Non-professionals are not allowed to touch the inner line of the large-screen LED display, otherwise it will cause damage to the line; if there is any problem, please let the professional do maintenance

Why you should maintain and clean the screen regularly ?

For display screens with lower protection levels, especially outdoor screens, the dust in the atmosphere enters the device through the ventilation holes, which will accelerate the wear and even damage of fans and other devices.

Dust can also settle on the surfaces of the controls inside the display, reducing thermal conductivity and insulating properties. In humid weather, dust will absorb moisture in the air and cause a short circuit; long-term use during this environment will also lead to mold on PCB boards and electronic components, resulting in a decline in the technical performance of the equipment.

Secondly, the surface of the LED screen will also be covered with dust over a long period of time, which will affect the display effect. 3 tips below to teach you how to clean your led display .

Screen Care: How to clean your led screen?

  1. First use a vacuum cleaner or fan to clean the inside of the display screen and the  dust on the surface of the mask.
  2. Be careful not to wet wash with water. The cleaning liquid generally includes antistatic liquid such as electrolyte and high-purity distilled water. Spray a little cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then gently wipe the module in the same direction to control the card and the screen surface. You can also use the soft bristle brush on the vacuum cleaner to brush the lampshade to remove dirt.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner or fan to absorb the cleaning liquid left after wet cleaning.

Led Screen Maintainance: Regular check and tighten screen connectors

The LED display screen is a high-power-consuming equipment. After running for a long time, due to repeated start-stop and operation, the connection terminals of the power supply part will be loose due to the cold and heat.  Once the contact is not firm, a virtual connection may be formed. In severe cases, it will heat up, even Ignite the plastic components next to it. The signal terminals will also become loose due to changes in ambient temperature and heat, and moisture erosion will lead to poor contact and subsequent equipment failure.

Therefore, the connectors of the LED display must be regularly tightened. When adjusting the fasteners, the force should be even and appropriate to ensure firmness and effectiveness.

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