Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile LED Screens

LED display : A flat panel display composed of small LED module panels. LED is short for light emitting diode . It is a display method by controlling semiconductor light-emitting diodes. LED display screens are generally used to display various information such as text, images, videos etc.

Advantages of the LED display are low power consumption, high brightness, low failure, long life span, large viewing angle, and long viewing distance. Compared with LCD, led display has high brightness, can be seamless splicing (this is not possible with LCD screen), long-distance transmission, infinite big screen customization.

Classification: led display screen is divided into full color, single color, and double color.

Pixel Pitch refer to the distance between the center of two adjacent lamp in LED display. The unit is millimeters.

The letter “P” in the word “pixel pitch” is commonly used to refer to the screen pixel pitch. For example, a screen with a 6mm pixel pitch is called P6, and a screen with a 5mm pixel pitch is called P5.pixel pitch of led screen

Brightness: The indoor screen brightness is generally 800-2000nits, and the outdoor screen is generally 5000-9000 nits. The brightness of minimum 5000 nits is required to view clearly under the sun.

Protection Level:  Outdoor led screen cabinet, modules, wires are all waterproof and dustproof , can also withstand sun exposure. While the indoor led screens is not waterproof.

In short, the outdoor screen brightness is high, is waterproof and dustproof, which is used in outdoor environment. Indoor screen is non waterproof , mainly used in indoor. 

Mobile Led Screens are outdoor led screens installed on truck and trailers, ticktack mobile led screen vehicles also integrated with audio system, multimedia control system, live streaming system.  Widely used for outdoor advertising,event hire, campaigns, elections etc. It include led screen truck and led screen trailer

Ticktack use top quality Outdoor Led Screens for all our mobile led screen trucks and trailers, as well as mobile stage trucks and trailers. We use outdoor P6, P5, P3.91 led screens.  The screens are with above 5500nits brightness, which can be clearly viewed  under the sun. And with IP65 waterproof level, can be used in full weather.

TICKTACK work with the top brands led display suppliers, Absen, Unilumin, Leyard, Lian Tronics, Dicolor etc. but if you want to use led display from your long cooperative supplier, it’s also fine.

If your local road conditions are good, trucks and trailers are all good to go, you can choose according to your budget, led screen trailers cost is usually lower compared with truck. 

If your local road is not very good, then we would strongly recommend led screen trucks

Yes, our trucks are equipped with cloud remote control box, which you can control and send videos through internet. It will be more efficient to use cluster management especially when you have numbers of led billboards running.

Mobile Stages

Mobile Stage is the new innovative staging technology , based on mobile truck and trailer chassis. Immerse hydraulic system with stages, roof and truss structure on one vehicle, to realize rapid set up of the staging for events. The mobile hydraulic stage include mobile hydraulic stage semi-trailer, hydraulic stage truck, hydraulic stage trailer.

Fast, safe , save labor and money.  TICKTACK mobile stage only takes less than 30mins to finish set up, and are preassembled, so neither need to use any machine nor work up high.  One to two man can easily deploy the stage. In word, using mobile stage save you time, labor and money, and it’s more safe than traditional stage rigging. 

TL Series designed with double side hydraulic extend stage, and its entire roof can lift up , and the roof is designed with professional lighting brackets and power outlets. Also have professional hanging brackets for powerful line array. Mainly designed for concerts, musical events, entertainment, shows, church events that need big stage for back line equipment and performance, and professional stage lighting and sound set up.

SL Series have big led screen on left side, which can be lift up, and a foldable hydraulic stage for performance. SL can drive while playing videos on the big screen, can also park and extend stage for shows and events. It is mainly built for brand activation, Marketing promotion, mobile exhibition, experiential marketing roadshows, elections etc.

Ticktack Mobile Stage loading capacity is 350KG/sqm. Wind rating of 30m/s.

Mobile Stages TL Series are mobile stage vehicles include chassis, hydraulic stages, truss, stage handrails, ladders, Stage Curtains.The other audio visual equipment are optional, like led screen backdrop, lighting, sound, generator, tractor etc.

Mobile Stage SL Series are stage vehicles include chassis, hydraulic stage, stage handrails, ladder, led screens, loud speakers, generators, control systems. 

Yes, Mobile Stage TL Series roof is designed with professional lighting brackets and power outlets.  The front two side also designed with line array hanging brackets.

We suggest you choose the truck brand which has good and easy service in your local country.

The truck brand we work with: ISUZU, JAC, FOTON, HOWO, FAW, DFM, BENZ.  

If you already have your own truck chassis, we can also customize the mounted part according to your chassis.

Yes, we can do customization, tell us about your idea, design and detailed request, we’ll work out the best solution for you.


Lead time for both mobile led screen and mobile stage is 50days. 

The vehicles are usually shipped by sea. The container however varies by different size.

  • The small trailers use 40ft HQ, big trailers use 40ft OT.
  • Big models and trucks length within 12m (40ft),  use 40ft flat rack.
  • The biggest semitrailers over 12m (40ft) long, use Roll-Roll Ship.

2 years Warranty.  After Warranty year, Only need to pay accessory and its freight.

  • Free Training in factory available at any time.
  • 24/7 Phone, on line technical support.
  • Clear User Manual instructions and video guide for operation, maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Sufficient spare parts with product delivery, to guarantee it got replacement at very first moment, rather than wait for weeks or month to simply for its arrival.
  • On Site Technical support available, Just need to cover travel cost and accommodation. Shall make appointment for our technician in advance.

Our Mobile Stages and Mobile led screens are built to last over 20 years and more, if you do regular well maintenance. For mobile led screens, as we know the life span of led screens usually 10 years, so you can just replace the old screen with new ones.

Our factory are authenticated by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. The products are certified with CCC, CE.

1, Market analysis, looking into the local market

2, choose the right design and equipment that fits your market and budget.

3, sign purchase contract and deposit to start production, after the production finished, organize inspection and take training course in factory, then pay balance for delivery.

4, We’ll help arrange shipment to local port, and when it arrived local port, ask your clearance agent help to do customs clearance, once the clearance is done, you could ask the agent for delivery to your door step or pick up from the port.

All of our mobile stages and mobile led screen vehicles are preassembled, you can start to use directly when it arrive you, no need other installation in local.