Expandable Exhibit Trailers- 9mx3.5m Hydraulic Stage

exhibit trailers sl50er made by ticktack technology

Features & Benefits

Roadshow Trailers Built for Mobile Exhibition, Brand promotion, Product Launches,
Experiential Marketing Roadshows, Election Campaigns etc

sl50 roadshow truck anti skid stage floor

Vast Automatic Stage

Vast collapsible stage measures 9,000mm x 3,500mm,powered by the best quality hydraulic system, accurate, stable and easy to operate by our smart remote control. 9,000mx2,000mm interior van floor available to maximize the whole stage size to 9,000mmx5,500mm big, create tremendous space for your show

led screen billboard

HD Big LED Screen

5,184mm x 2,304mm stunning P6 high definition big outdoor led screen,  Waterproof, high brightness over 6500nits can be clearly viewed under the midday sun. Teamed with hydraulic lifting system, the screen can be raised 2,000mm high from the stage floor.

ticktack stage truck generator

On Board Silent Generator

SL50ER takes 16KW ultra silent generator on board. The generator room is well ventilated and insulated from control room and stage area. Stable and fuel efficient and have over 6KW surplus power for additional equipment usage

ticktack stage semi-trailer sl50 control room

Integrated Multimedia System

Integrated control system for LED , audio and light system brings these features together in one room. The control room is also Air-conditioned, which makes the operation easy to handle and a real enjoyment for the technicians.

sl50 interior customization

Capacious Space for Custom

9,000mm long x 2,000mm wide x 2,000mm high space available for clients to use. It can be custom built into a product show room, a program studio ,a lounge, or an office whatever suits you best.

expanding semi-trailer

Large Expandable Room

SL50ER also designed with large addtional expandable room, provide tremendous space for product display, training, experiential center etc.  

SL50ER Main Spe

Trailer Dimension 

13m L × 2.5m W × 4m H

Curb Weight

19 ton

Stage Size

9m x 3.5m

Stage Loading Capacity


Screen Size

5.184m x2.304m

Pixel Pitch

P6, P5, P4mm outdoor

Screen Lifting 

2m, hydraulic lifting 

Internal Space for custom

9m L x 2.5m W x 2.4m H

Expandable Room

8.42m L x 2.m W x 2.1m H


16KW Ultra Silent


Truck Tractor

About Exhibit Trailers SL50ER

SL50ER is based on 13m long semi-trailer,adapted to global truck horses.  The exhibit trailers integrate big led video walls, hydraulic folding stage, large expandable room, audio vsual equipments, power system all into one trailer, making it the perfect and all in one solution for mobile exhibition, roadshow marketing and campaigns. 

SL50ER can use for different exhibitions in different cities and countries. You can easily customize its branding as well as internal space according to different project and campaign theme. This makes the exhibit trailers the most sustainable and eco-friendly event solution. 

Despite the standard configuration, we can also do customization according to your specific project. Want to conduct offline marketing campaigns?  Contact us today for further consultation about exhibition trailers .